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Current Reflections as an Airline Employee in 2020

My thought process this summer on decisions I had to make as an airline employee during covid-19.

It’s been a while.

After a gap of 11 months, I want to bring my blog back. I’ve treated this as I’ve treated the journals I’ve been writing in since I was 11 – if I don’t feel like writing, I don’t write, simple as that. However, I… Continue Reading “It’s been a while.”

Home Sweet Home

To start – I mainly write here because I know there are family members and friends that enjoy reading my posts. I may unlink it from facebook so the entries are only seen by those who want to see them and don’t keep appearing… Continue Reading “Home Sweet Home”

The Little Couple and Barefoot Bandito

Irony is barely getting called out to fly the entire month of November, and then getting called to fly to Boston and back the evening before Thanksgiving when the weather calls for snow and the possibility of extensive delays or not even returning to… Continue Reading “The Little Couple and Barefoot Bandito”

What’s behind those wings?

I haven’t written lately because September, October and November thus far have been slow, slow, and slower. A lot of time spent sitting hot reserve at the airport and not a lot of time flying. Although that limits the inspiration for passenger stories, I… Continue Reading “What’s behind those wings?”

I Met A Boy I Can’t Forget

I can’t stop thinking about a boy I met on a flight I worked today, and no, I didn’t meet my future husband. He had the cutest face that almost resembled a slightly older version of the main character from “Leave it to Beaver”,… Continue Reading “I Met A Boy I Can’t Forget”

What is it like to be a reserve flight attendant? Part 2

Above is a morning sunrise from the airport parking lot – something that happens quite frequently on reserve if you’re not already in the airport! Last time I wrote, I ranted about hot reserve, those lovely ten-hour shifts sitting on-call at the airport. Since… Continue Reading “What is it like to be a reserve flight attendant? Part 2”

What is it like to be a reserve flight attendant? Part one

The image above was called the “hot reserve room” – it was where I would go if I needed to escape the regular crew room for a while! I’m sitting in the crew room. I’ve heard a few different titles for the crew room,… Continue Reading “What is it like to be a reserve flight attendant? Part one”

Mr. Vacuum Volunteer and Marathon Man

One of the reasons I wanted to start a blog in the first place was because I began feeling that I was always coming into contact with some really incredible people on my flights, and wished that they could be recognized somehow. Here’s a… Continue Reading “Mr. Vacuum Volunteer and Marathon Man”