It’s been a while.

After a gap of 11 months, I want to bring my blog back. I’ve treated this as I’ve treated the journals I’ve been writing in since I was 11 – if I don’t feel like writing, I don’t write, simple as that.

However, I am going to shift the focus of what I write about. My purpose for being here is that for some time I’ve been asking myself “How am I making a difference or impact in the world for the better?” I’ve always liked to write, and decided I could use writing as an outlet to do that. My thought process has been that I’ll write about experiences, and maybe someone will learn something or gain something from a story I share. I love my job, but at work I follow a routine and don’t necessarily create anything, and this is a place where I can do that.

My focus originally was geared toward people I met while flying and the interesting/inspiring stories that came with them. Interestingly enough, I don’t feel like I’ve encountered quite as many inspiring stories to share lately, and I’ve been wondering if I can attribute that to a difference between working at a mainline carrier versus a regional carrier. At the regional airline I was on a smaller plane with fewer passengers, working with only one other flight attendant, and I now think that was a catalyst for more interaction with the passengers. It makes sense – someone is probably more likely to strike up a conversation with me when I’m in the galley alone on one end of the plane rather than when I’m there working with another flight attendant.

I also want to shift my focus slightly away from work, and more towards the life experiences I have using my travel benefits, or how my job has shaped me. I’ve written a few entries in the past about flight attendant life and received responses from a few people asking more about being a flight attendant, which I’m incredibly happy to talk about and makes me glad that my entries are reaching someone in a positive way. I welcome those questions, I just won’t be sharing many experiences that directly happen at work. Although I don’t plan on it, I wouldn’t want to accidentally jeopardize my career by writing something about my place of work that could be taken the wrong way. There are many flight attendant blogs out there specifically about what the flight attendant career is like that do such a great job and are worth checking out!

A lifestyle aspect of mine that has emerged directly from my job is that I try to go somewhere once a month, whether it is to see a new place or visit a friend. Those are the experiences I plan to begin talking more about. If any friends or family out there that read this have suggestions as to what you’re most interested in hearing about, whether it be travel tips I’ve learned, pictures and stories about places I’ve been, how I live my life because of my job, etc., leave a comment letting me know! I don’t necessarily want this to be a journal of my life, but rather a place where someone may learn something I’ve learned. I’ll be back soon to share some of my experiences through the past couple years!

I feel the need to end with a pretty picture to be less boring – The Grand Canyon!IMG_1182

2 Comments on “It’s been a while.

  1. I can’t wait to see what you have to share next! Happy to hear that you are seeing the world.


  2. I’m looking forward to reading your blog! I also love the picture so include some of them too. You are an amazing person Sarah! I wish you all the best!!


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