Category: Hiking

Franconia Ridge, July 21, 2021: The First Time I Genuinely Felt Fear While Hiking on the Appalachian Trail

The memory of the day I went over Franconia Ridge in New Hampshire and had a humbling experience with some bad weather.

I Never Thought This Would End So Close To The End

I never expected to go home from the trail so close to the end, but it happened. This is a brief telling of that experience, plus some of my favorite picture worthy moments from New Hampshire and Maine.

Moving Along From Massachusetts to New Hampshire

A brief summary of Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire as I work toward completing my biggest section hike yet from Pennsylvania to Katahdin.

Back on Trail for 2.5 Weeks: Delaware Water Gap, PA to Great Barrington, MA

A summary of the latest portion of my big section hike. Delaware Water Gap, PA to Great Barrington, MA.

Straight From My Journal: A Section Hiker’s Mind Reset After Going Home for Two Weeks

This is a journal entry I wrote for myself that I decided to share. It’s the compilation of being able to re-set my mind after deciding to get off trail for two weeks when I was two weeks into my most current long section hike.

Heading Back to the Trail After a Week Hiatus and Relationship Lessons Learned From That

A summary of some things I feel like I learned about relationships two weeks into my 2021 LASH.

How I Went From Hiking Out of Town in the Morning to Sitting on a Plane Home That Same Night, Plus Other On-Trail Stories From Weeks 1 and 2

Getting off trail, a gear failure, finding cool spots, and other stories from my first two weeks of this Appalachian Trail section in Pennsylvania.

First 2021 Update: Inside My Mind After Two Weeks On Trail

What’s gone on in my head so far during the first two weeks of hiking the AT in 2021 in Pennsylvania.

Things to Ponder as I Attempt a 1,000 Mile Hike Next Week

Thoughts as I set out to attempt a hike of just over 1,000 miles from Boiling Springs, PA to Mt. Katahdin in Maine.

Things I Actually ADDED to my Pack Once I Started LASHing the AT

The focus in hiking is always on bringing less, but I give the spotlight to some things I’ve actually added to my pack.