Mr. Vacuum Volunteer and Marathon Man

One of the reasons I wanted to start a blog in the first place was because I began feeling that I was always coming into contact with some really incredible people on my flights, and wished that they could be recognized somehow. Here’s a couple stories:

A little while ago at work, the crew and I entered the plane for our next flight to find a guy vacuuming. I’ve never seen someone vacuum so casually and smoothly as this guy. He had a coke in one hand, seemed in no hurry, and maneuvered the vacuum over every possible inch of floor space with the other hand. At first we chuckled about it a little, and then I found myself getting slightly annoyed, as we needed to get the passengers boarded and this guy didn’t display any sense of urgency. Then he started talking to me, and I found out that he was a volunteer. He talked more passionately about the aviation industry than anyone I’ve worked with so far, and told me that he just wanted to do anything he could to be a part of it. I don’t think I need to say much more about him. I thought about that statement for the rest of the day. It’s amazing how sometimes we can complain and complain about the woes our jobs bring, and then there’s this guy, volunteering to vacuum our plane. Passion is a special thing, and Mr. Vacuum Volunteer needs to be recognized for his.

Then there’s the couple I met last week on a flight I worked out of Minneapolis. The gentleman was wearing a Grandma’s Marathon t-shirt, and for those of you that know my mom liked to run, you’ll understand why I was drawn to it. They started talking to me, and said that he had just run the marathon. My first reaction was to say that I knew some people who ran a lot of marathons! Then I caught myself, realizing I may be downplaying his accomplishment. So as I went on to make sure I congratulated him and let him know that completing a marathon is a big deal, his wife chuckled and just said “Don’t ask him how many he’s done.” Turns out he has done 299. And he’s part of the fifty states club, twice. (Meaning he ran a marathon in every state, and then did it again.) He said his 300th will be in New York. He definitely deserves the trip to Shanghai he and his wife were about to take. Folks, these people exist.

Oh, and someone did this. IMG_0952



One Comment on “Mr. Vacuum Volunteer and Marathon Man

  1. So interesting! Yes, this reminds me of people I’ve seen working various fast-food jobs. They are so cool, aren’t they? They are happy for the mere fact that they are being industrious and being useful.

    Thanks for the great story and the cute way you doll it up with enticing voice!


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