I’ve been sharing stories on this blog since 2014, and in sifting through some ideas for a more narrowed focus of my site, I realized that my site’s purpose remains the same as it has been all along – to tell stories!

I know that if you’re here for posts about the Appalachian Trail, you might not be as interested in stories about being a flight attendant. If you’ve stumbled here wanting to know more about being a flight attendant, you might not be interested in a hiking update. The list goes on.

But I won’t be narrowing my site to just one of these topics, because my site isn’t a place where you’ll find comprehensive information on all things hiking or flying or traveling. My site is here because I like to write, and I use my writing in hopes that you’ll find a story that resonates with you! If you enjoy any of these broad topics of flying, hiking, traveling, or just different ways at attempting to live a healthy or full life in general through some of these avenues, my stories will be here, falling under any of these categories depending on where my life is at that moment.

While I do hope that my stories provide insight and information, I mostly hope that they are a break from scrolling through social media, and a chance to step back and enjoy the telling of an experience. My writing is here for you whether you want to gain ideas for your own aspirations from mine, or just simply want to take a break in your day to let your mind drift somewhere else.

You’ll find past entries from my experience as a first-year flight attendant when I was hired at Shuttle America in 2014, my transition to a mainline airline in 2015, as well as my most recent experiences hiking. I’ll soon be adding some posts reflecting on some of my past travel experiences – I hope one of them happens to be a destination you’re interested in!

7 Comments on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Sarah it’s Mary Lou. I loved reading your post and look forward to more! That max patch sounds beautiful! Too bad it was so crowded. The rattlesnake story was unbelievable! I think I would have died! God and your guardian angel did protect you for sure! Be careful❤️ Too bad this covid thing is here. Kind of ruined our whole summer and your travels!! Oh well there’s always next year. Please take care and be safe and God Bless you Always! I’m going to re- read your posts- love them. Be a writer!! I don’t know if I missed reading something but who is Sukae?


    • Just her reply sounds so interesting that I have to read them now–especially the rattlesnake story! Greg Brooks let me know of you! It sounds like your meeting was a “God-wink”! How fun for him. I’ll get back to you on some reflections on your writing. I love to hear your writer’s “voice” full of enthusiasm!


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